Having Two Computers And One Monitor
These days it’s getting pretty common for people to own more than one computer. Since monitors take up a lot of desk space wouldn’t it be nice to use have one monitor with two computers?

KVM Switches – Enable Two Computer One Monitor
KVM stands for “keyboard, video, mouse” and a KVM switch is a little box that connects the keyboard, video and mouse ports on two computers to one monitor and lets you switch between them at a push of a button. Not only do you have one monitor you also only have one mouse and keyboard making this a nice solution.
I thought about getting a KVM switch a lot before finally buying one. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get much use out of it. I shouldn’t have been so worried, I’ve used both computers a lot more now I can easily control both.
two computer one monitor

Cheap KVM switch to get two computers using one monitor
Share a mouse, keyboard and monitor between two computers
You can have the two computer sets to different resolutions. For most cheap digital KVMs you must use PS/2 keyboards and mice. Most USB keyboards and mice come with a USB to PS/2 adaptor so that is no major problem. Some newer more expensive models will also switch USB ports as well so you can even share any USB peripheral.

two computer one monitor
You’ll need two sets of these cables
The plugs for your keyboard, monitor and mouse
I mentioned digital KVM switches because there are some very cheap analog models for sale tat I don’t recommend. The old analog KVMs are fine for servers but they are useless for modern high resolution windows work. Digital KVMs from Belkin can be had for around $60 not including cables. Even a cheap digital KVM will support resolutions of 2048×1536 @ 85Hz without degrading the signal quality.
All in all if you want the easiest way to get two computers working for you then a digital KVM is the best plan. All you’ll need are a KVM switch and two sets of cables. There are no drivers or software to install.