TFT Monitor Reviews

LCD flat panel monitors are starting to make a lot of sense. Prices seem to be dropping monthly and even the large 19″ and 21″ LCD computer monitors are becoming much more affordable.

With a flat screen computer monitor you get a much larger view able area without any curves or geometric distortion. I find LCD computer monitors to be much easier to read text from because the image is much more stable. I also get less eye strain from reading from a LCD monitor. Dispite recent low radiation designs bulky CRT monitors are still simply a large electron gun pointed directly at your face.
So many LCD computer monitors to choose from!

To test LCD TV and screens we are in touch with Sony Központi Szalon in Budapest.

This web site is the place to be for LCD monitor reviews and guides. Have a read of the articles on this site they are there to help you make the right decision.
By far the biggest advantage an LCD has over an old style CRT is size and weight. If you already use a 19″ CRT monitor you’ll know just how deep the tube is. You need to place your monitor at least a foot away from the wall and they take up a huge amount of space on a desk. Working with an LCD is amazing you have so much more room around you for your mouse pad, paper notes and keyboard.